Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

Student Code of conduct

The following “Student Code of conduct” is framed to foster and protect the core mission and objectives of the institution.  It strives to promote the scholarly and civic development of the institute’s students in a safe and secure learning environment and protect people, properties and processes that support the institution and its goals. Violation of any of these rules will incur punishment
  • The students should display decent, exemplary conduct and character within and outside the campus.
  • All students are expected to be punctual in their class attendance (as per the academic time-table), tests & examinations.
  • All students are expected to have a minimum of 75% attendance during each semester. A shortfall in this requirement will make the student ineligible to appear for the final examination.
  • Students will be required to establish a valid reason for absence from class attendance.
  • It is mandatory for the students to attend  Seminars/Guest lecturers/formal functions etc. organized by the College
  • The students shall adhere to all the University norms, as notified from time to time.
  • Carrying/using mobile phones is prohibited in the academic premises (classrooms, corridors, library, lab etc. If the students are found with mobile phones and violating the norms, the same will be confiscated by the faculty/authorities and will not be returned throughout the semester.
  • Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities, is strictly banned. Use of Social networking sites is banned.
  • Students have to wear clean, neat, decent and prescribed uniforms/clothing inside the Campus
  • All students must carry their Institute Identity Cards. The same should be presented to the college authorities on demand. Any loss of ID card should be immediately reported to the Institute office.
  • Students are required to maintain strict discipline in the college premises.
  • Students are required to respect and obey all the instructions/directions given by the Faculty/Staff, from time to time.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and any student found guilty of this, is liable for punishment as decided by the management.
  • Harassment, whether written, verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or racial, is a serious offence and will be a punishable act.
  • Any form of "Cyber Crime" by the students is punishable.
  • All cases of misconduct / violation of Institute Regulations / misbehavior by the students will result in punishment.