Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

Faculty Testimonials

Today’s managers have to outsmart the competition, solve problems creatively, build consensus across diverse groups and excel in the fast paced global economy. A full time programme is a need to enhance skills required. At Sinhgad Institute emphasis is given on providing core set of conceptual tools for understanding both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the subject. Excellent scholars and passionate educators is the strength of Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Applications.
- Dr.Manoj Kulkarni (Associate Professor, SIMCA)

The unique SIMCA culture with its emphasis on discipline and teaching excellence fosters the right environment for personal and professional growth of students and faculty. Mentoring and facilitating learning along with my colleagues in the last eight years with SIMCA has been a refreshing and rejuvenating experience after thirteen years in the industry.
- Dr.Meeta Meshram (Associate Professor, SIMCA)

I have joined the institute in very recent time. I experienced a great exposure and full commitment towards its mission. SIMCA is offering full time courses in management and computer application. Being a representative of Sinhgad Technical Education Society it’s performing well and giving best outcome which are beneficial to the student, its employees and ultimately society. It has created strong relations with Industry and Public.
Learning in SIMCA provides real practical exposure to the student and especially training of pressure handling, analytical skill, time management etc. - Prof.Nitin Knaade (Associate Professor, SIMCA)

Working with SIMCA is great experience. It’s provides a  great opportunity for research work and encourages the same
- Prof.Prashant Chaudhari (Assistant Professor, SIMCA)

Management education provides a fundamental understanding of core business principles, while emphasizing personal and professional development, community responsibility and social relationship. Our MBA programme is committed to educating managers for the future leaders who can deal with the complexity of organizational, financial and technological issues in an increasingly competitive global business world.” Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the success of our students. The department gives importance for research, allowing our faculty to provide students with new knowledge needed in their careers.
Prof.Mangesh Sanap(Assistant Professor, SIMCA)

I am passionate about teaching. This was the reason for joining SIMCA where I was sure I will get the freedom and respect for my abilities and potential. The distinctive feature of the Institute’s Academic program is the opportunity to use a pedagogy that is oriented towards decision making. According to me a management professor’s role should be of a facilitator to develop the most conducive learning environment to suit the needs of the learner. This endows the students with a wealth of delicate skills demanded by a growing number of national and international employers. I love teaching my class and guiding them in their multiple creative initiatives. Classroom discussion and students’ projects are great opportunities for me to learn jointly with my students how management theories can be applied and extended to build more effective and competitive organizations.
- Prof.Maruti Dhanawade(Assistant Professor, SIMCA)

Student Testimonials
I feel my first step towards building successful career was studying in SIMCA. It helped to get right vision and focus which aligning my interests and career. Professors played important role in providing corporate exposure and right resources for learning which is helping me even today. I can certainly say that SIMCA has major role is structuring and making my career a success story.